Profesional Experiences


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Image flottante
  • Web Design & Dev Mar 2020 - present
    Design and development of a full website from scratch for the French Glial Cell Club, see here !
  • Lab council Jul 2019 - present
    Elected student reprenstative in the Institute lab council. My mission is to make sure students voice is heard by the admministration for every decision making.
  • Teaching Experience Feb 2018 - Jun 2019
    University of Montpellier, Doing tutorials and practical work in Physiology and Endocrinology (L2 and L3)
    64h and 52h
  • PhD Student Oct 2017 - present
    Institute of Functional Genomics (Montpellier), Microglia functionnal and morphological diversity role in prodromal phases of Alzheimer's disease.
  • Intern Jan - Jul 2017
    Investigatin synatic scaffold proteins dynamics in ASD context using BRET in microscopy
  • Brain Week May 2017
    Volunteer for the public event. I've done a poster on Acetylcholine role in memory, animated a scientifc tutorial with children and animated the photobooth.
  • Open Doors May 2017, May 2016, May 2015
    Volunteer for the Faculty of Science, welcoming and orientating High School Students
  • Intern Jul - Aug 2016
    Center for Cognitive and Neural Systems in Edinburgh's Univerity (Scotland). Investigating cholinergic neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's disease
  • Intern Jan - Jul 2016
    Characterization of a BRET biosensor for the visualisation of inflammasome activation in the CNS
  • Volunteer Aug 2015
    France Alzheimer Hérault. Home caring of Alzheimer's diseased patients
  • Intern Jun - Jul 2015
    Molecular Mechanisms of Neurodegenerative Dementias. Investigating on molecular changes in an Alzheimer's disease primate model.
  • Saleswoman Jul - Aug 2014
    Mim. Style advicing and cash register experience.
  • Intern Jun 2014
    Molecular Mechanisms of Neurodegenerative Dementias. Investigating on molecular changes in an Alzheimer's disease primate model.
  • Animation May 2014
    Animation and organisation of a Scientific event : "Faîtes de la Science"
  • Intern Apr 2014
    Institute of Neurosciences of Montpellier. 3 days observing and learning about glial scar formation after spinal cord injury.
  • Saleswoman Jun to Aug and Dec 2013
    Mim. Style advicing and cash register experience.


Neurosciences is an exciting subject, if we can understand how the nervous system works and manages all our behaviours, maybe we can learn more about human being. I'm a very curious person and that's a part of why I chose Health Biology : to solve mysteries about the human body!


Image flottante


Image flottante
  • PhD 2017 - present
    CBS2 Doctoral School
    University of Montpellier
  • PhD Fellowships 2017
    Selected for both European (Laboratory of Excellence) and Governmental PhD fellowships.
  • Master's Degree 2015 - 2017
    University of Montpellier
    Master of Science in Health Biology specialised in Neurosciences
    1st of promotion
    First Class Honors
  • TOEIC Dec 2016
    Test of English for International Communication
    Score : 955/990
  • Bachelor's Degree 2013 - 2015
    University of Montpellier
    Bachelor of Science in Animal Physiology and Neurosciences
    With Honors
  • Driving Licence Jan 2012
    Category B Cars
  • Preparatory Classes 2011 - 2013
    IPESUD Private School
    Preparatory classes for national selecting physiotherapist schools
  • High School 2009 - 2011
    Lycée Théodore Aubanel
    High School Diploma specialized in Sciences